A1 Thermoline Ltd are able to either supply, or if necessary, manufacture a whole host of equipment and products relating to the Chimney Engineering industry so if you have any specialist requirements, please get in touch.

We deal with all of the leading brands and manufacturers both in the UK and Worldwide for Fire, Flues and Chimney based products and over the many years we've been in business, can offer the complete service from supply and fit to surveys and trouble shooting.

Our showroom also has many of the leading brands of Stoves and accessories plus we can also supply you with brochures upon request.

As a company we work nationally, carrying out Maintenance and Renovation Contracts for major brewers such as Mitchells and Butlers; we are also contracted to a number of Housing Associations and most civil engineering companies call on our services along with many independent clients.


Exodraft Chimney Fans
Exodraft chimney fans are designed to provide an accurate and fully controllable updraught for your chimney, eliminating the problems of downdraught. This can be caused by badly proportioned chimneys, negative pressure in the room due to extractor fans and cross draughts at the fireplace. Exodraft chimney fans are manufactured in two basic versions, which in principle, solve the same chimney draught problems. The style and degree of power of the fan required depends on a number of factors, including type of fuel used and size of fireplace. The fans are constructed of corrosion-resistant cast aluminium, giving an extended lifetime beyond any other similar product available on the market at present. All Exodraft chimney fans are supplied with a 2 year warranty.
CCTV (Camera) surveys
Our state of the art flue camera, with its rotating and swivelling 'fish-eye' head allows an easy and accurate inspection of chimneys. The camera is suitable for inspection of very small flues from a diameter of about 100mm upwards. Connected to a monitor and video recorder, a permanent record of the survey on DVD or CD can be taken, with the position of the flue and any comments recorded on screen. Written documentation with detailed recommendations are also provided.
Custom built canopies, baskets and accesories
Canopies, either decorative or functional can be built to the clients requirements whilst incorporating the necessary features to retain its overall performance and efficiency. Custom built fire baskets are generally exclusive to the client. Produced from heavy-duty steel their long lasting efficiency is now legend. Companion sets (poker, tongs, shovel), Coal Buckets and Fire Screens can also be provided.